Oktoberfest is here, perhaps one of the very few things a beer enthusiast waits for every year.

The CBAI is proud to announce its Oktoberfest line of beers on tap at its member breweries.

That’s just not it, you need to check out their special Oktoberfest menu, curated with finesse to make you feel like you’re at the Oktoberfest in Munich.


Here’s what our member breweries have to say about their Oktoberfest special beers:





Hoptoberfest Lager


Märzen style lager is the traditional beer of Munich’s Oktoberfest.  Literally translated it means “March Beer” and the name stems from the time before refrigeration when the last batch of the spring was brewed in March, stored (or lagered) in cold Alpine cellars throughout the warm Bavarian summer, and then served during Oktorberfest and the rest of the fall harvest celebration.

Our deliciously drinkable beer is the perfect balance between rich malts and spicy hops allowing both the shine without neither dominating the other .  Our twist on this traditional style is a boat-load of late addition of noble hops that enhance the hop flavor and aroma without increasing the bitterness.

We’ve also curated a special Hoptoberfest Menu for you this Oktober to go with our refreshing Märzen Beer.

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Oktoberfest Lager



The Toit Organic Oktoberfest special brew, our tribute to the traditional Oktobersest lager.  What sets these lagers apart from the rest in the world is that they have just that little more body, not so much that it takes away from general lager expectations but enough to create a unique drinking experience of its own.

We’ve come up with an exclusive menu just for you because as you know no Oktoberfest is complete without sausages. You know what we mean!

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Smoked Lager


New on tap is our Oktoberfest special Smoked Lager. Brewed with Munich, Vienna & smoked malts. This medium bodied beer is rich in melanoidin & malty characters with hints of smoke that lingers a while. Finish is slightly dry with a warming alcohol effect.

ABV : 5.8%

Plato: 13.6




Oktoberfest Märzen


‘Märzen’ is named after March, the month it was brewed in and then lagered in cold conditions till September. Also known as the Oktoberfest Beer, it has been served at the festival for close to 150 years.Our reddish copper colour which has a  high clarity and good head retention. Our Okotberfest Marzen, with a clean aroma, typical of good lager character, along with toasty maltiness that is a trademark of the style. This profile and character comes through. We’ve sourced every ingredient used in this beer from Germany to give you an authentic Märzen Lager.

Here’s a look at the menu we’ve curated to give you the authentic German feeling this Oktoberfest!






Oktoberfest Märzen


Kroitzschlander was inspired by Greg Kroitzsh’s research of his family ancestry. Discovering that his great great grandfather Johann Kroitzsch emigrated from Leipzig in Eastern Germany in the 1880s, Greg wanted to know what style of beer he might have enjoyed there at the time. Gose was the answer. This sour and salty Hefeweizen has been brewed in the Leipzig region for centuries. Greg borrowed the Kroitzschlander name from the beer his father Donald brewed for family reunions some 30 years ago. The tradition has passed down to today and this unique style of beer has found its way to India for the first time. Enjoy!



Head on over to our member breweries and experience Oktoberfest firsthand. Much better than any VR experience you’ll ever have!