The Craft Brewers Association of India (CBAI) was founded in 2014 as Non-profit organisation to address issues of its members. The CBAI mission is to secure beer’s role in our culture and society through the advancement of brewing quality and consumer education.

  • The CBAI is recognised as the campaigning, political and representative voice of and by its members.
  • The BAI guarantees an equal voice for each of its members, through the bylaws of the association.
  • The CBAI asserts its commitment to campaign and lobby for an alcohol taxation system that is just and equitable in its treatment of the Small craft brewing industry.
  • The CBAI asserts categorically its faith in the socially responsible integrity of its members’ Products, as distinctive beers within the premium sector of alcohol beverages, intended for consumption in moderation by discerning adults.
  • The CBAI will strive to ensure that all members have the best and fairest possible opportunity to bring their goods to market.
  • The CBAI affirms localism and sustainability as embodiments of the ethos of Craft brewing.
  • The CBAI undertakes to provide technical support and audit and training programmes, and to encourage competition and reward achievement, in its drive to ensure both product quality and its universal appreciation.