Masters in the brew arts

The Craft Brewers Association of India was founded in 2014 as a non-profit collective of brewers and brewery owners working to promote and advance the brewing revolution in cities throughout India. Our goal is to work united as a group to help all those interested in expanding and growing the unstoppable force of craft beer all over the country.

Supporting local breweries

The CBAI is a one stop shop place for craft breweries, allied traders, independent brewers, beer enthusiasts and any one in the craft beer business or interested in understanding what it takes to be in the craft beer business.
Working together as an association will help craft breweries maintain a higher standard & quality by making right choices in terms of ingredients and technical know-how.
The CBAI organises regular technical workshops for people employed in the industry and beer enthusiasts. It also serves as a forum for breweries to discuss technical issues, licensing issues, employment requirements, ingredient sourcing, equipment sourcing.
The CBAI will be working with Governments in helping ease regulations and create a regulatory framework that is conducive to business and craft beer culture.
The association also works to spread the joy and benefits of craft beer amongst the Indian consumers by having craft beer education sessions and craft beer festivals.


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